One place
for all your files.

Share, find, and manage files with AI-driven accuracy

Floccio unifies all your files in one place. We provide a unique set of AI-driven features to improve your workflow and give accurate and insightful search results.


Save Time, enhance productivity

The average employee spends 4 hours per week with document search. Floccio introduces automated tagging to support better organization and relevant search for everyone. You and your team will benefit from consistent and faster workflows.

Unify knowledge, improve collaboration

Enterprise information is generally distributed across 4+ systems. Floccio lets you integrate multiple systems into one and collaborate easier across teams. Combined knowledge from cloud storage, emails, local files and apps (and many more), will increase transpareny across your company."

End Brain Drain

Enterprise knowledge often gets lost with employee exits and needs to be re-learned. Floccio trains assistance through user interactions. The company-specific model provides additional value for your domain and all generated knowledge will stay within your company.

Our features


We integrate many of the top cloud-services such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Slack. And many more to come.

Global Search

Our AI-based semantic search finds the right files instead of keyword matches only. Not from one, but all of your systems

AI-supported tags

We believe folders are dead. An automated tag system provides simple and more efficient ways to organize files.


We make sharing documents across departments and business partners as agile as your teams are. No more sending emails with huge attachments or digging through endless folder structures.

Fun user interface

Enterprise software doesn't have to look boring. We are part of Generation Slack and know that user experience is key.

AI assistance

Floccio learns from user interactions. Through continuous improvement our support structure keeps getting better and better.

Security and auditing

Our data is stored on secure servers inside of Germany. All original content stays in your system. There is no lock-in or risk of data loss. In addition, we provide detailed auditing and analytics features.

Integration with existing platforms

Floccio integrates already existing platforms and unleashes its AI-driven file tagging model to give you more insight over the way your company functions.

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